About Night Of The Meteor

If you like graphic-adventures as much as we do, you surely have played or at least heard of
'Maniac Mansion' or its sequel 'Day of the Tentacle', published by LucasArts
(formerly known as LucasFilm Games).

What we're doing here is in fact a remake of 'Maniac Mansion', which was first released in 1987
for MS-DOS, Apple II and C-64, written and designed by Ron 'Monkey Island' Gilbert and Gary Winnick.
It was ported to other entertainment systems like the Amiga 500, Atari ST or the NES/Super Famicom.

Just check Wikipedia for additional informations: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maniac_Mansion

Of course, our game won't be just a simple remake. We're adding more puzzles, more dialoge, more animaition and more sound & music to this classic adventure.
Our ambition is to transform the original game into the cartoonish style of its successor 'Day of the Tentacle' and try to make it worth playing even for people who know the old 'Maniac Mansion' inside out.

The idea for this remake of 'Maniac Mansion' shaped during fall of 2006 in the Maniac-Mansion-Mania-Community.

The developers team was founded sailing under the flag of 'edison interactive' and started working on the project in early 2008. Doing all this in our frugal spare time, it is not possible to say anything about an actual release date yet.

1. C-64/DOS/AppleII (1987)     2. Nintendo Famicom (1988/japan only)     3. Amiga/Atari/DOS (1989)     4. Nintendo NES (1990)    
5. Fan-Remake for Windows-PC (2004)     6. Well, we're still working on that...

Maniac Mansion Mania

Before we started making 'Night of the Meteor' most members of our team gained experience in the art of game-developing by creating some small- and medium sized fan-adventures within the Maniac Mansion universe. 

The project called 'Maniac Mansion Mania' was founded early in 2005 by LucasFan, who at that time was best known for his own remake of Maniac Mansion: Maniac Mansion Deluxe and 'The new Adventures of Zak McKracken'.

Maniac Mansion Deluxe

By now 'Maniac Mansion Mania' provides more than 100 new Manaic Mansion episodes (including season specials and some minigames).
Most of the episodes are in German, several games were translated in other languages which you can find in the 'international' section here:


Some selected MMM-episodes from members of the NotM-Team:
(click on text below images for direct download)

MMM Episode 9 - radioactiv
#9: 'Radioactive' (ger/eng)
MMM Episode 33 - Carry on smiley
#33: 'Carry on Smiley' (ger/eng)

MMM Episode 10 - Tales of the Wired Ed
#10: 'Tales of the Weird Ed' (ger)
MMM Episode 67 - Die Schöne und das Biest
#67: 'The Beauty and the Beast' (ger)