What's New, Meteor?

  • The game is fully playable!
  • We have reached a milestone. The game is fully playable in every combination from the beginning to the end. There is still much work ahead of us — so don't expect a final version anytime soon. There are still many missing assets: for example, a lot of sprite and animation work has to be done, some cutscenes are missing, a few additional screens have to be done or aren’t finalized yet, and some old screens might be reworked. There is translation work, voice acting, music, etc., ahead of us... The next step will be intense testing to get rid of bugs, improve the gameplay and add lines for actions we did not anticipate.

  • We crossed the border - 15,000 Sprites in the Game!
  • As of today we have 15 000 sprites in the game :D
    Thanks to all the people who have contributed graphics and animations to the game!

  • Current status of the game:
  • Almost all backgrounds are done. The one or the other room will be revised, some additional screens are still pending. But recently the lion's share of the work is done here. In particular, incoherent parts of the game have recently been linked. The game is gradually taking shape. The first (German) voice recordings were installed as a test. The next steps are to finish scribbling the individual Character-specific solutions.

    Would you like to support us?
    We need support, primarily in the animations. Since most player actions have to be done in seven variants (one for each playable character), this is still a big construction site. Here, a new team member who works continuously on animations would significantly advance the project. So if you feel like it and have time: Contact us here ->

  • Dave reworked in 80s style!
  • Great news: Dave has been reworked and looks amazing.
    We're going retro! What do you think about "80s style Dave"? Which shirt (pink or white) do you like best? Let us know!

    - update -
    You probably figured out that yesterday's post was an April Fools' joke ;)

  • Jawohl! Sauerkraut Für Der "Night Of The Meteor"!
  • # I don't speak German. What ist this post about?

    It is about us starting looking for voice actors for the Geman version of the game. At the moment we are only looking for actors who play the role of the protagonists (playable characters). There will be a point in time when we will look for a translator and voice actors for an english version, but this will still take a while since there is still a long way to go until the game is final - so please be patient!
  • The Meteorian Nights - Stories Of 10,000 Sprites!
  • This is not a fairy tale, folks! We just imported the 10,000th sprite into the game!

  • We Wish You A Happy New Year. The Game Made Quite Some Progress During The Holidays.
  • We cant't tell you exactly how much of the game is finished by now but a broad majority of the background work is done - and I guess also more than half of the animation work. The time it will take to completion of the projects correlates with the amount of help we get with the animation work.
    As I wrote before: We're always looking for help with animations. So if anyone reading this can spare some time and is interested,
    just visit us on the board. Even if you only contribute one small animation every one or two (or three, ....) months you can be of help! Thanks!

  • We Just Imported The 6,666th Sprite - And It's Just Sick ;)
  • Hmm, looks like something just exploded!

  • Happy Halloween!
  • Happy Halloween and thank you all for your support and the patience!
    We're still busy working on this game..
    So let's see what the Edisons are up to on Helloween:

  • Got Some Spare Time?
  • Hello people!

    Maybe someone (we know some are on school vacation) has the time and desire to help us with our workload. It's time to tackle the largest part of our project: the animations. Because of the volume of work we can use all the help we can get. If you are unsure you are up to the task, we can first send you a proposal of simple animations that need to be created, so you can practice a little.

    If you have the desire and interest: Message us here on the site! We are delighted!

  • What's Cookin' Doc?
  • Not only the "Zom-B-Matic" in Dr. Fred's lab is dangerous to your health.In its days Maniac Mansion proved that even a common microwave oven could have an unhealthy effect on small furry animals!

    Will the Hamster survive the "Night of the Meteor" this time?

  • 5000 Sprites And More To Come...
  • Originally even "Day of the Tentacle" was supposed to have six different characters to choose from. Three of them (Razor, Moonglow and Chester) never made it into the final game. And we know why!

    We just added sprite number 5000 into "Night of the Meteor" and since our adventure remake has seven playable characters many, many sprites must follow!

  • And A Light Shine Upon Them
  • Today we have an actual ingame Screenshot for you.

    May the Light shine also upon us, until the completion of NotM!!

  • What's NOT In The Game!
  • Today we could show some band new stuff from the game.
    But we won't. Instead we present two screens you won't see in the final game, cause they were completely reworked.

    outdated bathroomscreen outdated floorscreen
    It's still a long way to go...

  • Something From The Art Department!
  • Maniac Mansion-Theme Remix!
  • Listen to our version of the "Maniac Mansion"-theme.
    It's a remix of the original in the style of the "Day of the Tentacle" music.

  • Night of the Meteor Trailer online!
  • Look Who's Walking!
  • For all of you, who are waiting for some animated material of our game, here is a little preview of the Dave walking animation!

    The animations of the Kids are almost done. Dave, Syd, Michael, Razor, Jeff and of cause Bernard are ready to go and we hope to see Wendy walking and talking soon!

  • We're Online Now!
  • The most strange and scary things usually happen on Halloween.
    Witches and monsters wander the streets, the undead rise from their graves, pumpkins come to life and slimy meteors get their own web page!

    So here it is, the official website of 'Night of the Meteor', our Remake of 'Maniac Mansion' in the 'Day of the Tentacle' style.
    From now on, we'll keep you updated about our fanadventure here and we're keen to listen to your questions and suggestions about it.

    Happy Halloween 2010!